Monday, September 29, 2008

ADAPT part 1

Day 1

For me, day one was pretty quiet. Registration only. Of course there was the VIP cocktail in the after noon but I was not invited! Maybe next year, who knows? Later that night, there was a conference from Andreas Deja. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend that conference but from what I've heard, it was quite an experience. Presently working for Walt Disney, he shown some drawing and animation that he did back in the days.

Day 2

My first complete day on the field!

11am: Conference with Dan Stanton and Ji Ye from Massive Black. They explain how their company work and how they manage to live in China.

1h45pm: Rainmaker came to talk about one of their production that would take place in their studio soon: Reboot, The Movie! No doubt this production will be a blockbuster. I invite you to go take a look at their web site:

6pm: Special Feature Presentation: BOLT. Hidetaka Yosumi, Clay Kaytis and native from Quebec Philippe Brochu. This time, it was about some problems that they had to face during the production of BOLT and how they manage to get the right solution without running out of time.

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