Saturday, November 29, 2008


Here's a picture I took in Montreal during the summer of 08. No sorry I lied... It's actually 3 pictures I took at the same place with different apperture. Then, in Photoshop, I did a Matte painting and took the best part of each pictures to create only one. I'm pretty satisfied of the result but there is still a lot of things left to be learned.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New job!

It's been more or less a week now that I'm working at this new place in Montreal now call "4 Westmount Square" If you visit their web site, you will notice that they are primarily working on publicity.

Publicity is a very different world in the 3D domain. The budget and the deadline are not the same! Actually, they are much shorter. But people like me will like this of atmosphere. So far, the work that I've done there can't be shown but I promise that soon, you will post some cool stuff!

See you soon

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ADAPT part 2

Day 3

11am: Benoit Girard, Digital Dimension. Benoit was there to talk about Digital Dimension's first full CG prodution. He explains how he and his team manage to go through such a big challenge with a very low budget, low effective and low time of production! Let me tell you something, during the presentation, we saw some sequences of the movie and it looks GREAT! Congratulation people from DD, you guys did a wonderful job!!!

1h45pm: So far, the best conference of the week!!! A once in a life time opportunity to see at the same table Craig

Mullins, Andrew Jones and the legendary Syd Mead talking about what they love the most!!! What an experience!!! So many things to say in not enough time. I would have stayed few hours more to listen to their stories and experiences but they had to stop it very quick because of the next conference that was starting!

3h45pm: Special Feature Presentation: KUNG-FU PANDA. Alex Parkinson. First of all, what a great movie that was! But the conference was a bit "too much information." So many things to tell and not enough time... again! But overall, great stuff.

Day 4

11am: Carlos Baena & Shawn Kelly. What a speech!!! 2 wonderful hours to talk about eyes animation. Who would have thought that eyes would be so complex and interresting!

1h45pm: Carlos Baena, Shawn Kelly, Steven Stahlberg, Taron, Nick Parkinson and Marc Chu at the same table and talking about 3D stuff. Very interesting but not as much as yesterday's conference with Syd Mead and his friends.

3h45pm: Special Feature Presentation: Wall-E. For me, the best movie of the summer. The conference was quite interesting. Michal Makarewicz from Pixar talked aboutthe pipeline that they use in their studio to make their huge success movies.And of corse, the BIG party during the night. It's always fun to see computers geeks showing their moves on the dance floor!!!

Day 5

Already the last day of ADAPT!

9am: As you can realize, I manage to get myself at 9am for the morning conference even after the big party the day before. The conference was suppose to be given by Aaron Sims but he wasn't abble to be in Montreal. So they ask Andrew Jones to replace him. Even if he had a rough night (also at the party) he prepare a little something to show to the 3D people. It's always interesting to look at an artist building a futur work of art in front of you!

11am: Still a Andrew Jones conference. (Never get tired) This time it was quite something!!! He showed us his new baby. A HUGE wacom tablet that of corse can draw but at the same time plays music... Can't wait to see this in stores!

1h45pm: This time, it was Steven Stahlberg that show us some of his studies on how o model a good female character. I learn a lot of things during his course.

3h45pm: special Feature Presentation: Iron Man. I thought that this conference was the weakness of all three others. Maybe it was because I didn't see the movie... But lots of visual stuff (always interesting)

And that's the end... What a week! ADAPT's been a great way to talk and share experiences.

If you ave any questions concerning the ADAPT week, feel free to ask me!

See you next year!

Monday, September 29, 2008

ADAPT part 1

Day 1

For me, day one was pretty quiet. Registration only. Of course there was the VIP cocktail in the after noon but I was not invited! Maybe next year, who knows? Later that night, there was a conference from Andreas Deja. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend that conference but from what I've heard, it was quite an experience. Presently working for Walt Disney, he shown some drawing and animation that he did back in the days.

Day 2

My first complete day on the field!

11am: Conference with Dan Stanton and Ji Ye from Massive Black. They explain how their company work and how they manage to live in China.

1h45pm: Rainmaker came to talk about one of their production that would take place in their studio soon: Reboot, The Movie! No doubt this production will be a blockbuster. I invite you to go take a look at their web site:

6pm: Special Feature Presentation: BOLT. Hidetaka Yosumi, Clay Kaytis and native from Quebec Philippe Brochu. This time, it was about some problems that they had to face during the production of BOLT and how they manage to get the right solution without running out of time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ADAPT 2008

This year, I decided to get miself a 3D master pass at the 2008 ADAPT (Advanced Digital Art Production Technique) in Montreal. Every day, I will try to keep you up to date with the conferences.

What an exciting week will it be!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Here's another work in progress I've started few days ago. It's obviously not a final version yet and the acting part will be post as soon as possible. For the moment, take a look at this and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Frog Update

Here's an update of my little friendly frog! The modeling is almost done! Pretty soon, I will be able to start texturing it. I will post a new update when it will be done!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cool reference!

The key for a great 3D modeling is to have good references pictures to get the best result possible. Lukily, this week end, there was a nice frog in my backyard that I hurry to take some nice clichés.
Here's a nice one.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Frog on the operation table!

Since the Web Site is KeyFrogAnimation, it will be normal to have a frog in it! So here's the first step of my new mascot! It doesn't have a name yet, but if you have any idea, let me know. I will choose the best and most original name.

New Web Site

Today is a big day! I'm officially opening my brand new Web Site. So now, you will be able to view my demo reel and even more! For the moment, the site is young and small but with time, it will become bigger and bigger! Feel free to visit it often. Hope to see you there!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dream come true!!!

I always dreamt of having a Mini car!!! So I decided why not build a virtual one so I can live a "half-dream" until a get my real one?!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here's another work I've done few months ago during my free times. I also rigged it and animate it.

Work done in XSI

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Work in Progress

Here's an animation I'm working on right now! It's not wet a final version but I think this is of to a good start! If you have any comment about it, let me know.
Work done in XSI
Rig done by Joseph Sy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Final Version

That's it! This project is done! Many hours were spent on that model and now this is my final version. Hope you like it!
Work done in XSI 6.5 and Photoshop CS2

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Good Old Time

Everybody once had in his life a red tricycle. I just thought it would be nice to pay tribute to this good old time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here's my first "blog image"!! I've been working for the past 2 weeks for this model. It's still not complete but I think i'ts a good start!

P.S.: Don't be afraid to give me some feedback!

First Step!!

Here's my first step. I've been swimming in the 3D world for the past 2 years and it's the first time I decide to post my work!
Hope you like it!!!